Letter of Rec. from V. Cate

To whom it may concern,

Please consider this letter my wholehearted endorsement of Angie Hoover in her candidacy for USC’s MFA in Screenwriting program. I frankly can’t think of a young artist working in Los Angeles today who better exemplifies the kind of keen thinking, creative eye, and unique potential that USC is – or should be – seeking from its prospective students. 

I have had the fortune and pleasure of working with Angie, both as a director of her written work for the stage, and as an editor of theater journalism sites Stage Raw and @THIS STAGE

Our first collaboration, Cat Fight, was staged in 2014. The show told the story of the experience of being a woman, and Angie brought a varied and brilliant collection of pieces to the evening of short works. Actors adored working with her language, and the show was successfully extended. Since then, I have sought out Angie for multiple projects. What she brings to the table artistically is invaluable.

More recently, Angie has applied her eye and ear (and unerring acumen) as a critic at Stage Raw and theater journalist at @THIS STAGE, precisely to broaden her horizons and expose herself to new work and different approaches and mise en scènes. I believe that Angie could well become a transformative force for the American stage, media,  and cinema alike.

Very sincerely,

V. Cate (they/he)

Assigning Editor, Stage Raw

A.D. Butcherbird Studios

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