Letter of Rec from Dr. Maureen Hillhouse

March 20, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Angie Hoover since 2011. I have come to know Angie’s skills, capabilities, and strengths well. 

Angie has been working with me on a projects for New York University. One of these is a project conducted in Ventura County, Raising the Barn, aimed at engaging individuals with mental health challenges recently released from incarceration, their families, clinicians, law enforcement and court personnel, and other stakeholders in discussions and activities addressing the needs of this population. Angie coordinates our meetings and communicates effectively and succinctly with all involved parties. She is able to explain research requirements and implementation procedures for potential side projects. Her verbal and written communication skills are excellent and versatile and she is able to adjust to the comprehension level of each specific group.  

Angie has a strong understanding and commitment to academic endeavors.  She appreciates and rises to the challenges inherent in working in the pursuit of academic ideals. She has worked with an array of people, agencies, and institutions, and has never attained less than excellence. She understands the nature of intellectual investigation, and has the necessary skills, knowledge, and motivation to make important contributions to her chosen field. She has shown that she can integrate the pursuit of scholarly goals with the pragmatic requirements of dealing with people, and doing so in a way that is appropriate and meaningful. 

Not only is Angie intelligent and goal-oriented, but she is diligent, tenacious, patient, and hard-working. She meets her deadlines, works well under pressure, and produces high-quality work. She is detail-oriented and uses this skill to provide complete and accurate materials for each project. She is also willing to help meet project goals. For example, in addition to her own responsibilities, she provided technical assistance to a colleague who was having problems. As a result, Angie has been added to this project based in Ventura County- testing methods for reducing stress in students with autism. The first trial will use virtual reality to introduce and orient students to new locations and situations. Angie’s understanding of technology has proven to be invaluable for the project and project team. Angie can work well independently, but is also adept at group collaborations. She is well liked by her peers, practitioners, and supervisors. 

I have no doubt that Angie will be an exemplary student in your program. She is intuitive and professional, and brings a level of passion and dedication that would enhance any program that she joins. Applying her knowledge, experience, and positive personal attributes would make her particularly well-suited to your Program in Technical Communications. She is personable and delightful to work with and is a true team player. The admissions committee can be confident that her performance and productivity will be of great benefit to the program endeavor. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Maureen Hillhouse, PhD
Associate Director, BetaGov
New York University
60 Fifth Ave., 2Fl.
New York, NY 10011

contact available upon request

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