Haunted Fembot

Haunted Fembot is my art, apparel, and accessories brand for alt femmes! This link will lead you to my print-on-demand, Shopify store which has earned between $3k and $5k in gross monthly sales with a returning customer rate of 18.5% and an email newsletter list of over 900 people.

For this brand, all facets are created, managed, and produced by me including web design, product design, communications & social media marketing, and customer service.

Haunted Fembot’s Film Club

As an after-effect of an extremely successful Stranger Things 4 watch through, complete with cinematic allusion splices, links to SR articles, and critical analysis of symbolism & story structure, Haunted Fembot spawned its own science fiction, horror, and Instagram community called Haunted Fembot’s Film Club (HFFC). As early as September 2022, HFFC will have a dedicated femblog & fempod.

For this social media community, I create all original content. My approach, which enables connection through info-tainment in the realms of women’s history and queer film studies has become a fortifying practice, enabling continued, organic growth and brand advocacy.

The Show Tell Project

I established The Show Tell Project in 2012. It is a WordPress literary magazine dedicated to sharing independent art, poetry, film and nonfiction work with particular interest paid to women and gender. In the early days, I updated several times a month with bi-weekly, themed content. As of late, it has become a home for my short fiction, poetry, and film/ TV articles. This project has a modest following of 300 bloggers, with email newsletter list of approximately the same size.

Anima in Bloom

Anima in Bloom is my one-woman-operation, specializing in tailor-made crystal candles, gift sets, and ritual kits for self-discovery.  All altar tools, crystal candles, and gift sets were conceptualized,  designed, and hand-crafted by me.

I credit this passion project with teaching me the ins and outs of Shopify and social media through both successes, failures, and something-in-betweeners. Using every skill, talent, and resource available to me, I believed I could make something helpful, useful, colorful, bright, and joyful. I toiled day and night, learning through experience, the realities of business and marketing, creating magical candles, and building relationships with other magical femmes around the world until I had manifested my own, modest corner of the internet.