Letter of Rec. Dr. Tracy Tennenhouse

To Whom it May Concern,

Once in a while we come across a student who is exceptionally dynamic in her capabilities, demonstrates an academic rigor uncommon at the community college level, and who brings creativity and a “presentness” we don’t see very often. It is my pleasure to have encountered these qualities in Angelisa Hoover and can therefore recommend her highly for advanced study and graduate work in the discipline  of technical communications. 

I first met Angie when she was my student in English 1B, critical thinking about literature. Her analysis and critical thinking skills were way beyond her classmates, and her writing was so strong that we awarded her with an English Department Writing Award as well as publication in our Student Essay Anthology. I also recall in those years that Angie would stop by my office and have long conversations with me about her experiences in the music and entertainment world (she comes from a family of musicians), sharing her struggles growing up as an intellectual and creative kid in a school environment that didn’t really value those qualities. My daughter was in elementary school at that time, and I remember listening to Angie’s experiences and relating them to my own worries about raising a creative, intelligent girl in our society. She gave me good advice and shared her wisdom, which I truly appreciated at the time. I guess you could say that we mentored each other!

Fast forward a few years to when I became co-director of our Writing Center, where I had recommended Angie to be a tutor. I was now serving in a supervisorial position and could see Angie as not just a student but as a professional tutor. Without a doubt, Angie was our most sought-after tutor. Her appointments filled up before anyone else’s, and students flocked to her and asked for her regularly. They did this because she not only had the academic skills to help them with their writing, but she brought a kindness and a presence that truly engaged these students. She listened to them and then quickly figured out how to focus and help them on something tangible during their 45 minute appointment. It takes great skill to figure out what someone needs and then give it to them in a short amount of time, and Angie has that skill. Angie was also really flexible as a tutor, being able to help someone with ESL skills as well as someone working on upper-level analysis and research papers. We were fortunate to be able to send Angie into classrooms as a supplemental instructor, workshop leader, and I even invited her to do a study skills session for our local high school students. At all of these events, Angie exuded an energy and credibility that resonated with the students. She was relatable, fun, and clearly knew her stuff. She is, in other words, a natural guide and teacher! As a regular fixture in our tutor training sessions, Angie graciously offered her experience and guidance to new tutors, and she took leadership roles in many of our enrichment activities such as poetry workshops and readings.

From the first day I met Angelisa I knew that she was destined for academic and intellectual pursuits. I am sure that she will bring the same passion, excellence, and focus to your place of work that she does to everything, and I can enthusiastically recommend her.


Dr. Tracy Tennenhouse

Moorpark College English Department

Contact information available upon request

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