Angelisa Miranda is a queer writer, artist, and teacher living the cliche in Los Angeles. Her fascination with film, theater, camp, and critical theory can only be surpassed by her somewhat unhealthy obsession with corned beef hash. 

Cynical, though never dispassionate, she spends much of her time hoping to discover innovative art in all its forms, but is ever aware that she lives alongside the success of The Kardashians and more than 7 iterations of The Real Housewives. A former casting producer, Jr. college instructor, and executive assistant in charge of mainstream PR, her written work ranges from marketing, to psychology, to journalism and beyond. In the realm of academia, her nonfiction work, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Abolitionism within the confines of Domesticity’, was awarded publication by Sage Press for its accomplishment in research and literary analysis. Alongside her work in higher education and entertainment, she has devoted her eyes, ears, and mind grapes to playwriting, performance art, and content development. She will continue to be an advocate for powerful cinema, performance art, music, and all works that offer sincere insight about the human condition.

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